Friday, October 14, 2016

A Journey for Health

Once again I am embarking on a journey for health. This time I am not trying to make radical changes all at once, simply because I want these changes to be lasting.

I realize that I don't know much about good nutrition, so I am learning. A friend, who is further along this journey than I am, told me about the Foodmatters Dvd. After watching that one I got Hungry for Change as well. Enlightening. (Our library had both.)

Instead of radical changes to our diet, I have made healthier versions of food we already like as well as trying new recipes. My main sources for this have been the library and the internet. Some recipes have been great and others have been flops. At the table everyone in the family tries the new item then votes on it; thumbs up, thumbs sideways (ok), or thumbs down. (This also encourages the kids to try new things.)

Exercise...I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I love how it makes me feel and look and I enjoy doing it for about three weeks. Then I don't bother for months. Not sure why this pattern exists, but it does. I have to break this cycle. I have an adult sized hula hoop and I use HASFIT's free videos.

So, these are some changes we are making. I will post more in about a month.


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