Saturday, October 29, 2016

Girl Game Time

What a life! While the boys were helping friends move the girls played games.

Nacho Loco is a new to us card/tile game. It is fast paced matching game. Each side of the triangle shaped card has a different color, or directions like Skip turn, Opponent draws 3 cards, or an X. You can't place a card on an X and the cards with directions are used when a match for them is made.
The kids and I have played this several times in the last few days.

Niya is a tile laying matching game. Each tile has two characteristics ex: bird and rain. The player replaces a card with a tile then the next player must choose a card with a characteristic of the previous card. The goal is to have four tiles in a row or no moves left.

Sabrina always beats me at Gobblet Gobblers. I forget that in this tic-tac-toe game bigger pieces eat smaller ones.

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