Monday, October 26, 2015

Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary Simplicity or Simple Living is something I am very interested in. When I think back to how my grandparents lived I realize that they weren't always buying new stuff; hardly ever, in fact. Yet they were content with what they had. When they did make upgrades, in vehicles, for example, they paid for them in cash. When I look at people my age they have nice stuff, but aren't content. They are constantly upgrading even when there is no need to do so. Most are in debt.

I am searching for my enough. I do not want to have the junky mismatched furniture of my grandparents, (because this piece of this set is still good and that piece of that set is fine) nor do I want the discontentment and debt of my generation, (my Facebook friend just got new furniture so I have to, even though nothing is wrong with what I have and I am still making payments on it).

Our old couches

Our new to us couch

When some friends upgraded their couch they offered us their old one, which was practically new, for free. We got rid of the old ones and accepted the free upgrade. When the same friends decided to sell their gorgeous table and chairs for cheap, we bought them and donated our table to the church.

If you pay attention you will notice that most of our family activities are free or cheap; game nights, family walks, park days, picnics, classes at the library, hikes, camping...  Even the classes the children take; archery, gymnastics, martial arts, Lego Robotics... are discounted at the recreation center. We are able to have lots of good times without spending lots of money.

Some other aspects of voluntary simplicity that I have embraced are; making some of my own cleaners, gardening, inviting friends over instead of dining out, and decluttering. I am also interested in learning to cook from scratch, composting, sewing...

I am not a minimalist nor do I think I will ever become one. My goal with simple living is to be debt free, content, and able to say yes to things that enrich our lives like horse riding lessons.


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