Friday, October 16, 2015

Tea (hot cocoa) Party

When Frank and I first got married we were told by an older pastor's wife that we HAD to have a china set as a pastor and his wife. So, though I was quite happy with my Corningware, (and still am) I listened. We bought four plates, dessert plates, cups, and saucers, then for some reason stopped. I guess she didn't tell us the number of place settings. We have had this china since our first year of marriage, yet we only used the plates and the dessert plates for holidays. The cups and saucers still had the price tags on them!

Sabrina LOVES tea parties (hot cocoa). We have used her little tea sets, but really they are far too small. She was absolutely delighted when I pulled out the china for a tea party last night. We will continue to use her little sets for outside tea parties, but now we finally have a use for the china that we just HAD to have.

Our tea parties are not serious, but filled with laughter and joking. We all enjoy them.


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