Saturday, October 24, 2015

Decluttering- stuffed animals

Sabrina loves stuffed animals especially the little Ty beanies. They don't cost much and she liked them so much that a few grown-ups helped her grow her collection. After a while I noticed she didn't seem to care about them any more. She would be happy to get a new one, but she didn't play with it or give it a personality like she did her first ones. My theory is that she got more than she could love; there are 50 stuffed animals in the picture.

I asked her to go through them and choose the ones she wants to get rid of. She surprised me by trying to get rid of all of them! So I went through and separated the ones she gave a personality to and the ones she didn't. About half of the stuffed animals went into the donate pile. I then put half of the remaining ones in her toy box and left half of them out.

She also mentioned that I used to play with them with her. She has a valid point, it has been a while since we played with them. That is because she mostly wants to play with her Barbies or her Lego lately. I am curious to see if she will start playing with them again.


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