Saturday, October 24, 2015

Get Outdoors Nevada Day at Sunset Park

This morning, we took the kids to a free event at Sunset Park- Get Outdoors Nevada Day. It was a lot of fun. There were so many booths that we didn't get to most of them. I think it is an annual event so next year we will schedule more time. The kids got to try several new things for free.

The first thing the kids got to do was to walk on a rope bridge. They both did a great job.

Next up they got to paddle around in a kayak. (This is something I really want to do on a natural body of water...)

Also they got to shoot BB Guns. Both kids hit the target almost every shot. Alex won the biggest prize which was a coffee mug from Bass Pro Shop. We didn't realize that the target Sabrina selected was a more advanced target so she didn't win a prize even though she hit the paper every shot.

The kids got to learn about water runoff.

Finally, the kids played bean bag toss. Alex was really good at this. Sabrina threw a little too hard and hers slid off the ramp.

All in all, it was a whole lot of fun and we will schedule more time for next year's event, (and the following years).


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