Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fishing at Floyd Lamb Park

My Papaw was a great outdoorsman. I have very fond memories of him taking me fishing when I was a kid, yet I had never taken my kids. I did some research that claimed taking them to a stocked pond the first time was the way to go because they were guaranteed to catch something....

Mistake number one: I bought a couple of kids fishing poles a few days before we went, but we were busy so we didn't open them until we got there. Frank wrestled with them for what seemed like forever! Sabrina already had a Barbie fishing pole and it worked fine. The other ones, that SEEMED to be better quality were actually junk. I think he did get to cast once or twice, but then it wouldn't wind.

Mistake number two: where are the worms? Ooops they were still at home. We did have fish eggs though so the kids still got to fish, taking turns using Sabrina's pole.

Mistake number three: Nothing for the kids to do besides fish and eat. Alex got really bored waiting for Frank to get the pole ready, waiting for his turn, waiting for fish to bite... In fact we all got a little short tempered when our perfect day turned out not to be perfect at all.

Mistake number four: Actually believing the multiple blog posts that practically guaranteed they would catch fish. All we caught was the stick and I caught and released a crawfish with the net.

Thankfully most of our family days go much smoother than this one. It was the most frustrating one we have ever had.


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