Friday, March 3, 2017

Sea Quest

The kids and I used our membership to go to Sea Quest! This time I told them to choose one type of animal to observe and when we get home they will look them up and write a report about their observations and what they learn. We still have not done the research or the report. However, we did make observations and discussed them.

There were hardly any kids playing with the water. Alex and Sabrina got to do pretty much whatever they wanted with them. They worked together with a couple of other kids to experiment. It was very nice because usually there are too many kids to work together like that.


Alex chose to observe the Chocolate Chip Sea Stars. He noticed how they move, how they look, and that if you gently run your finger across their suction feet they close up like a zipper.

Sabrina chose to observe the Parakeets. She made note of the different colors. We also bought food for them so the kids got to observe their behavior. They were pretty greedy. They also like to chew on shoelaces.

Of course, we enjoyed the other animals like the lizards, rays, and the snake.


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