Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Benefits of pen-pals or postcrossing:

Reading and writing skills improve

Learn about different culture

Develop relationships

Delayed gratification- you have to wait to get a response

Teaches responsibility- responding in a timely manner

Promotes empathy- helps to see things from another perspective

Networking- many start out as pen-pals and later meet

Improves communication skills

Learn geography- my kids look up the country/state their mail comes from

Learn phrases in foreign languages- the internet even teaches us how to say them

Increases curiosity- Sabrina was curious about a picture on a postcard so we looked       up opossums and learned a lot from YouTube.


Alex and Sabrina have become pen-pals with several of their far-flung relatives, friends who moved, and even a friends' adult son. They also receive and send postcards from postcrossing (though not as pen-pals). To them it is simply fun; they do not realize that it is also an educational part of their homeschool.


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