Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Million Thanks- Thank you cards for Military Members

We have a lot of veterans, one Active Duty, and one full-time National Guard member in our family. Sandy, Paul, and Frank were all in the Army.  I was Air Force. Michael was Navy. Chris is in the Navy. Barron is full time National Guard. That only includes us, our siblings, and their spouses.

Therefore, I want for my kids to learn to show appreciation to members of the military. They have been taught to thank veterans, (they look for those wearing military hats or shirts) and active duty service members, (in uniform).

The kids are writing a few thank you letters for service members at a time to send to A Million Thanks. Armed Forces Day is May 20th this year; we want to have as many letters written as we can by then. Our goal is a bit ambitious; 100 letters written.

You do not have to sign up or give out any personal information to write letters.


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