Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Game Night

Guesstures is a game I played with a group of adults at a party once. It was fun. I got our copy used and the timer was much too fast, esp for kids. Also after we played I noticed some of the words weren't kid friendly. Therefore, we will get rid of our copy. (If you know of a similar game for kids let me know. I do like the idea of the game and the kids had fun trying.)

Takamachi! is a new to us dice game. All players roll their dice in the center of the table at the same time. The player who calls out the most common attribute, (color or shape) first flips a timer. The other players have 10 seconds to dispute it. If no one does the player who called it discards one die. The player who discards all dice first wins.

Rory's Story Cubes isn't my favorite, but the kids like it. I think it would be fun to use in creative writing, but I am not good at glancing at the cubes and coming up with a complete story on the spot. Maybe if I think of it as a sort of Mad Libs type game... I found an expansion pack at the thrift store.

Zooloretto Mini continues to be a hit for us. The strategy is a bit advanced for Sabrina, but as long as she is having fun I think it is fine. She will understand that more as she plays more or as she gets older.

Ticket to Ride First Journey is a wonderful kids' version. Game play is very similar to the original, but simplified for kids. Sabrina requests this game a lot. (As an added bonus, she has even asked what state some of the cities are in.)


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