Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunday Service in the Comfort Inn

Sunday was our first two services in the Comfort Inn's conference room. It is a blessing to have a place where we feel more comfortable inviting people other than our neighbors to.

During the morning service we had three visitors. Our neighbor has come to several of our services and she brought her younger sister. The other lady was invited during our outreach the day before. After the service Frank asked if any one had pain and needed prayer. Alex said he had a stomach ache so Frank prayed for him and he said the pain was gone.

The lady we just met, Sharon, had arthritis. Frank asked her if she was bitter against someone. She was then he prayed with her asking for her to be able to release the bitterness and be set free. After praying he asked about her pain. She said the pain in her legs was gone, but the pain in her ankles was still there. Frank prayed again and she started jumping! This was an older lady, who we had just met that morning, (someone else invited her the day before) she was hobbling before he prayed. Sharon said that she never realized that holding onto bitterness hurt her more than the other person. On top of that we later found out it was her birthday.

It was just us for the evening service.


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