Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

We love to go to Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. I'm not even sure how many times we have been there, though it's been a while. Today was the perfect day to go.

Our favorite part is the goat pen. It's always such fun!

We brought a picnic! We had turkey sandwiches, apples with Carmel sauce, cheese cubes, carrots, snap peas, broccoli, ranch dip, freeze dried strawberries, Kool-Aid, water, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was a very yummy lunch!

As always, the kids had fun performing an original and very spontaneous play. I love to see their imaginations flourish like this.

I have never seen a goat jump as high as this little guy. Nor did it ever cross my mind that a goat could balance on a fence.

After watching a school field trip, my kids have a renewed appreciation of homeschool. In the hour that we were there at the same time ALL those kids did was sit to eat or stand in line for the bathroom. THAT'S ALL! One kid thought we worked there because we were in the goat pen. I felt so bad; if I'd known that those kids weren't allowed in the goat pen I would have waited to go in! The teachers wouldn't even let the kids touch the goats through the fence. I told my kids that this is the fun day for those kids.


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