Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Church Service in our Home

For the first few weeks we had church in our home, which was quite interesting. There's quite a bit of running around straightening up, setting up the laptop, putting the pets away, practicing music...

These are the pastor's kids before the Sunday morning service. So which one is the wild one? The answer may surprise you- though he definitely looks wilder, the award goes to his sister. For reasons I cannot fathom, Sabrina decided Mr. Cow should go on Alex's loft bed. So she put the cat on her face, that's right, on her face, to lift him up. Mr. Cow did not like that and if you look closely you'll see a small scratch on her left lower eyelid, (millimeters from her eye). Putting a band-aid on her eyelid would have been difficult and putting medicine on her eyelid without a Band-Aid  was not a consideration. I just stopped the bleeding and washed it well and spent a few minutes getting the cat hair off her face.  Of course this was minutes before service.

Frank and I also had to practice the music.

Despite the challenges, having church in our home has been a blessing. We have had a couple of neighbors come to worship with us. We also had a door-to-door salesman. The kids and I have been blessed by having tailored services. When it has been just us Frank is able to take the time to break things down so the kids can better understand.

We still have Wednesday service in our home.


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