Friday, April 4, 2014

Game Night

Last night was family game night. It is a time of great silliness and some life lessons. Last night we got a lesson in sportsmanship as a certain child was being a bad loser. The parents had a good time showing the children what a bad loser looks like, drama style. By the time our demonstration was over we no longer had any bad losers.

Our fist game was HISS. We didn't play by the rules. Instead we turned it into a cooperative game. It was fun.

Next up was the Berenstain Bears Learn to Share Game. This is a family favorite and gets played more than any other game.

We also played Scrabble Alphabet Soup.

Our last game was Old McDonald Pop-n-Match, which is a fun preschool game. It is even more fun when a certain Papa puts the wrong head on the animals.


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