Saturday, April 5, 2014

Arroyo Grande Sports Complex- Park

We had family day after Alex's class. We planned on going on a hike, but that didn't work out so we made up plan B as we went along. Plan B was to hit several parks we haven't been to in a long time and a new park.

Our third park was Arroyo Grande Sports Complex. This is a park that I didn't even know existed that is only about a mile from our house, in a way I had never taken. This is an unusual park. The play ground looked like the tunnels a hamster uses- the kids were even claiming to be hamsters. It also has a dirt bike trail, basketball courts, horseshoe pit, baseball diamond... It is pretty big.

Alex rode his scooter on the trail because his scooter just happened to be in the car.

We were actually looking for another park, but we couldn't remember where it is. So as I was saying we could stop at the next park; we saw this one. We will be going back to this park.


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