Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making outreach fun for kids

Today we met at church for outreach then we walked to a nearby neighborhood. When we got to the first door a little voice said, “I have to use the bathroom!” Back to the church we went. I drove back the the neighborhood and we doorknocked for a while. Alex was my partner. After I invited people Alex would ask, “Do you want to be in the army of God?” (I love that kid!)

After that we went to a park to invite more people. Alex got to play at the playground for a while. He was quite happy about that. After everyone was invited we let him play for a few more minutes before heading to Albertson's parking lot. Alex got to play on the shopping cart return area. (During this time Sabrina was at church playing with her friends in nursery.)

We try to find fun things for him to do when were out inviting people to church. We are on the lookout for a park or quarter machine or something to make it fun. Sometimes if nothing else is available we will stop for frosties at Wendy's.


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