Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alex School- Too nice to stay indoors

This past week was in the 90's much too nice to stay inside!

Sunday we went to Winchester Park after church.

Tuesday we went to Shadow Rock Park for Family time.

On Wednesday the kids were fighting so we went outside.

Friday was a busy day. Alex thought the shredded paper was more fun than anything else in the sensory tub.

Alex and Sabrina made farm themed collages using some of Alex's old workbooks. (I don't keep every workbook, though I do keep samples from every one.)

We met the homeschool group in the afternoon for a tour of Ethel M Chocolate Factory.

Our church had an outreach at Paradise Park that evening.

Saturday we went door to door inviting people to church. Then we went to Winchester Park to invite the people there. Alex got to play while we talked to people.

Of course, Alex also did lots of reading , Brain Pop, and other “school” type stuff, but this is the fun stuff post.


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