Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FlipNOut Xtreme

FlipNOut Xtreme recently opened near our home. We have never taken the kids to an indoor trampoline place, though I have wanted to. With their grand opening they gave out coupons buy one get one free. So we only had to pay for one child.

Both kids tried this jump, but neither liked it. They were supposed to land a certain way and they had trouble doing that.

The connected trampolines were also a lot of fun.

I lost count of how many times the kids, esp. Alex did the obstacle course.

Several times Sabrina tried to outsmart the rope ladder and got dumped each time. She did, however, make it closer to the top each time.

The kids battled it out Robin Hood and Little John style.

Both Alex and Sabrina loved the zip line and did it multiple times.

Alex also really enjoyed playing dodgeball over and over.

FlipNout Xtreme is only a few minutes from our house and has a discounted homeschoolers day! We will certainly be going back.


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