Sunday, April 16, 2017


The kids were quite happy with their Easter baskets. They each got a Children's/Tween Bible, a What's in the Bible DVD, a big chocolate bar, and a couple of games.

They also had fun hunting plastic eggs. The eggs either had a small toy or a quarter in them. (I bought the big ones with candy in them, because they are sturdier, then reuse them every year.) 

We took some Easter pictures once we got to church. The weather was perfect.

We had a wonderful Resurrection Service and received Communion, which symbolizes the body and blood that Christ gave for us.

We went to Sunridge Park for a picnic. Frank grilled and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. It was really crowded near the playground, but we found a picnic area that was further away. We enjoyed the wonderful weather and got to see multiple types of birds and even a lizard.

The kids played on the playground once we finished eating and put everything back in the truck.


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