Tuesday, November 3, 2015

River Mountain Park

We met our friends, the Espinoza's, at River Mountain Park.

Somebody trashed the play ground with candy wrappers everywhere and cans of shaving cream all over the playground equipment, (except the swings). The kids couldn't even play on it. I tried calling the number on the sign to report it, but it was a Saturday and I couldn't even leave a message. Somebody called the police, so after he took a bunch of pictures somebody else came out and cleaned up the mess.

Frank got to talk to a group of loud cursing teens.

Once our friends showed up we played badminton and the kids spent most of the time in the sand at the volleyball pit. The men played badminton under some trees and the birdie got stuck.  They proceeded to throw the racquets and even a Nike shoe up to knock the birdie down. I kept trying to tell them that the birdie cost $0.33 and I had a whole bunch of them. Needless to say two racquets and the shoe got stuck so they had to knock them down too. One man even climbed the tree to get the birdie, but he was unable to get it. I lost the birdie, but had a lot of entertainment watching the men try to rescue the birdie. I think they enjoyed that more than playing badminton.


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