Friday, November 27, 2015

Covetous Friday- Game Time

Once again we skipped the stores on Covetous Friday. We spent today playing games, relaxing, and eating leftovers.

Frank and I played Ticket to Ride twice and Alex joined us the second time. I really like this game, I played it for the first time while Wayne was here. Each player has tickets to try to complete as they collect different colored train cars. Players get points for how many train cars they place on the track and also for how many tickets they complete.

Our second Game was Monkeying Around. I had forgotten that we even had this game because it wasn't in the game closet. It is a balancing game with a spinner. The only problem is that the spinner is connected to the base and it sometimes shakes the whole tree.

S'Match was next. It was fun.

Looney Tunes kids version of Triominos is always fun, (not as fun as the original, but Sabrina isn't ready for that).

Kid's Jenga is always fun unless you have a headache.

We modified Qwirkle so Sabrina could enjoy it too. Qwirkle is a fun game of matching by either color or shape. The only problem is that it is way too easy to accidently shift the whole row of pieces when placing a piece.

It was our first time playing Parcheesi so we didn't play by most of the rules. I think that once we understand the rules we will really like this game.

We didn't play all of these games in one sitting, but rather, spread out throughout our day.


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