Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Game Night

Our first game was Acrobats. It is a balancing game that is pretty fun.

Next up was the 80's version of Candyland. Alex likes to use a minifig instead of the gingerbread men, so Sabrina did too.

We also played Old McDonald Pop N Match. You pop the dice and match the animals, but beware the -1 which makes you take one away.

Our last game of the night was Zingo, which is similar to Bingo. You have a Bingo card, that you have to fill. Instead of calling numbers, two cards a revealed and if you have a match you have to grab it before anybody else. The first to completely fill their card wins.

One reason I like game night is that once the games are bought it is free family fun. Three of the games we played tonight were bought used and one was on clearance. If you buy used games always check that all pieces and instructions are there, (esp if a kid picked it out. It isn't fun to find out later that the game a child is so excited about is missing pieces).

One thing to remember is to make sure the game isn't too advanced; it isn't fair to have a six year old play Tide of Iron. We have a closet full of games of different levels; some are preschool games, some for older kids, and some are for adults. We also have some travel size ones that we take with us for downtime while traveling or camping. We just have to remember to pull them out more often.


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Rendla said...

Sabrina is past preschool games, so we got rid of most of them. There are a few she still likes though.