Monday, April 15, 2013

Nibbles Update

Nibbles is a very fun and curious pet. He lives in a cage, but is allowed to hop around downstairs for several hours most days. He must be supervised or he will try to chew things. It is so fun to watch him run and hop around all crazy.

Sabrina is still learning not to chase him or pick him up. When she sits still he will come to her and hop into her lap. She absolutely loves Nibbles, but she is not old enough to be left alone with him.

Like Sabrina, Alex loves Nibbles. He has quickly learned how to sit and wait for Nibbles to come to him. Nibbles seems to really like Alex and almost always comes to Alex the most. Alex is learning not to boast that Nibbles likes him best.

Nibbles is a great pet for someone who is home like I am. He lives in an outdoor hutch, but needs to be out where he can run and play. Rabbits must be supervised in the house or they can be very destructive. We have a pet carrier, (that works for now) for when it is too hot, but we are planning on getting an indoor hutch. Nibbles doesn't like the heat and it's only April.


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