Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game Night

Our first game was ZhuZhu Pets Zhu-oom to the Finish. Today was our first time playing this one. It's a lot like Candy Land, but with hamsters. The kids really enjoyed this quick game. Sabrina won this one.

Next up was All Around Town, which is one of Alex's favorites. This game is a little too advanced for Sabrina, so she needed lots of help. Alex won. Sabrina was a bad loser. She calmed down after I talked with her, (but she is tired and I think she was more upset about not completing her card than losing).

Our last game was a favorite of both kids: The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share.  Frank won this game. Alex kept trying to move everybody else's bear. Sabrina was a better loser this time, but she still didn't take it too well. We were all a little tired and the grownups were starting to think about the other things we needed to do, so we probably should have only played two games, but...

Sometimes we focus more on teaching the kids to share, take turns, and be a gracious winner or loser rather than the rules of the game. Tonight we got to do all of that. It was still fun, but as I said we probably should have stopped after two games.


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