Monday, April 22, 2013

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

We took advantage of National Park Week to visit Lake Mead for a family picnic. We went to the spot that used to have the coyotes- I miss them. I totally understand why they were removed (we guess that's what happened) because people would feed them from their cars in the picnic spot's parking lot, but I still miss them.

Frank grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. YUM!

When we stopped at the store for the hotdogs and buns I picked up a couple of water guns for the kids. They had sooooo much fun with them. These two really are best friends- they have become even closer lately.

I had a great time today. I had a good talk with Frank, my best friend. We had good food. We got to spend time together. It was great!

We explored "the Jungle of Nevada" which was the picnic area. Sabrina asked if it was the jungle of Africa. I told her it was the jungle of Nevada which is even more exotic. As a mini Earth Day project we picked up trash.

Here's the view of Lake Mead from the parking lot below the picnic area.


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