Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Nature Center

We have quite a collection of nature items that were in a drawer in the garage. Of course that kind of defeats the purpose of having nature items.

I wanted our Nature Center to be out of the way, but still accessible to the kids. I also wanted it to be out of reach or easily put away when we have young guests. After giving it some thought and almost drooling over ideas on pinterest I finally came up with an idea that works for us.

I created our nature center using things we already owned. The only thing I am planning to add is a nature scene calendar to go next to the shelf. I placed a brightly colored placemat under the fish bowl. The items in the wooden tray, (which a puzzle came in) will be rotated, but for now are seeds and pinecones. On the other side of the fish bowl is a wooden cup with a couple of small magnifying glasses. We are raising sea monkeys next to the plant. The shelf will house some herbs we will grow for the bunny. I think this is a great use of part of the kitchen counter that only had the fishbowl.

Sabrina was excited to check out the items in our nature center.


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