Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fremont St. Experience

Tonight was the first time I took the kids to Fremont St. while Frank street preached. It isn't a place for kids, though there were lots of kids there. There were also mostly naked women dancing on stage and walking through the crowd to pose for pictures. We did what we could to distract the kids from most of that, though Sabrina did point out a "princess" (showgirl). When they got bored, I took the kids to Denny's.


The fun part for kids was the characters they got to pose with for a tip. (That's pretty much the only part for kids that I saw.)

I love this pic because at first the girls didn't realize the man was adding his weight to the scale!

Alex liked the totem pole.

Of course, the whole reason Frank and the group from church go to Fremont Street is to witness to people.


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