Thursday, March 21, 2013

Clark County Museum

Today I took the three kids to the Clark County Museum. We got there a few minutes before they opened so it wouldn't be so hot.

Keenan had never been and he loved seeing the rabbits.


We walked the trails first. It was good exercise, but the kids complained it was sooo far!

Alex got to do some of the hands-on things. He loves this kind of thing.

A school was doing a field trip and after watching them stand in line in the parking lot for about 5-10 minutes, Alex decided he was very glad to be homeschooled.

As we walked through the period houses Alex hid in a linen closet and scared a group of girls from the field trip. It was so funny! They all screamed, "He's real!" I guess they thought he was one of the mannequins. His plan worked even better than he expected.

After that we walked another shorter trail. Alex is very good with Keenan, it's very sweet to watch them interact.


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