Saturday, December 22, 2012

Feeding the Homeless

Today, we had the opportunity to tag along with some members of our church who feed the homeless. It was a first for us. It's easy to feel pity for these people as you drive by and see them sleeping on sidewalks with tents or just blankets for homes. It is also easy to grow numb to seeing the homeless because we see them every day.

Today we put faces and stories to the "homeless." That has changed my perspective. The stereotype has been shattered- these are real people. Every one of them was sincerely thankful and extremely polite to us.

It was a blessing to me to serve these precious people. I got blessed by serving at least as much as they got blessed by being served.

Frank got to preach while the tables were being set up. Alex and Sabrina got to run around and play in the area between us and the fence behind us. (The kids took the pictures.)


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