Saturday, October 8, 2011

Please, Please, Please no Barbies!

As Sabrina gets older she will inherit these Barbies from my childhood, including some I inherited from Aunt Mindy and some more that I collected as a teenager. Just so you know there are 23 Barbies in the picture. That does not include the Barbie, Ken, and Kelly dolls I already gave her. Nor does it include the two Barbies she broke.

I recently bought these Barbies to give Barbie a more racially diverse neighborhood. The only other Barbies I plan to buy are some Ken and Steven dolls and the new Stacie.

This Barbie traded in her hoochie mama dress for a princess dress, (that I got for $0.49 at a thrift store). If you absolutely must buy Barbies please buy furniture, pets, or princess dresses.


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