Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lost Creek Trail at Red Rock Canyon

For family day we went hiking at Red Rock Canyon. It is an absolutely beautiful day.

Our first stop was the visitor's center. They were out of Jr. Ranger booklets, but Alex did a scavenger hunt.

We slowly drove the scenic loop until we got to the Lost Creek Trail. I was proud of how good the kids did. We had to go at Sabrina's pace, of course, but she hiked all the way! Alex wanted to climb every boulder along the way. He says he's the family expert at climbing.

Our hike led us to a waterfall, that at this time of year is just dripping. That didn't matter to the kids or to us; we had a lot of fun. Alex and Frank climbed rocks there. I stayed with Sabrina at the waterfall and sand. Both kids got what they wanted.


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