Monday, October 24, 2011

Giving our Children Experiences

While I was pregnant with Alex one of my teachers said, “As an older parent I want to give my child experiences.” That idea has really stuck with me.

When we moved from Washington I realized that there were several places we really wanted to visit that we never made the time to go. I told myself that that would not happen again. I researched places to go around Las Vegas. I made a list of museums, state and national parks... I can honestly say that we've been to most of the main ones on my list, though we add new ones as we learn about them. Now I am researching places within a day trip's distance. Even when we go on vacation or visit family I research that area as well.

At 6, Alex has ridden a camel, been to mountains, lakes, the ocean, been in the cockpit of a plane, held an alligator, been camping, been in a children's concert... At 2, Sabrina has been right there for most of these adventures. Some of the experiences these kids have had are ones I didn't have until I was an adult!

We aren't rich. We have no plans for a vacation in a foreign country, but there are opportunities available for us to give the gift of experiences to our children, if we look for them.


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