Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

For Christmas the kids each got a jigsaw puzzle in their stocking. It had been a while since I had them do any jigsaw puzzles. So, in the past week, I pulled out the jigsaw puzzles we own for them to do.

I had heard about therapy using jigsaw puzzles for dementia patients so I looked up benefits of jigsaw puzzles:

Jigsaw puzzles exercise both parts of the brain.
Lessens the chance of Alzheimer's, memory loss, and dementia
Increases concentration
Builds problem-solving strategies
Enhances visual perception
Hones fine motor skills
Stress reliever
Improves short-term memory
Children learn to achieve small goals as a means toward a larger goal...

I now know why jigsaw puzzles are so popular. They are sold in every store that has a toy department including dollar stores. As I said, we haven't done many jigsaw puzzles recently, therefore my kids have outgrown most of what we do have. I will be working towards building up a collection of more age appropriate jigsaw puzzles.


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