Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mini Grand Prix

The kids' birthdays are fast approaching! Since their birthdays are on Wednesday this year, we had to extend birthday week out a bit. We kicked birthday week off with our annual trip to Mini Grand Prix! We got the 1 hour unlimited rides bracelets for both kids and parents can ride with them for free, (which is a great deal when they aren't crowded).

Of course, the kids rode the giant slide more times than I can count.

They also loved the go-karts! Last year, Alex had a difficult time with the big go-kart, but not this year!  Frank got to drive Sabrina around only once, because she discovered that she can drive the smaller go-kart, on the kiddie track, by herself. They had so much fun!

The kids also had at least one turn in the plane ride.

We all took turns riding the roller coaster.

We are thankful that we can take this time to celebrate the kids and make lasting memories for them and with them.


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