Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outreach at Sunset Park

The Saturday before our service at Sunset Park we went to the area with fliers about our service. First we visited a parking lot across the street from the park, then we went to the park itself.

The kids got to play at the playground while Frank and I passed out fliers and talked to people. Since it was very hot I let the kids play in the splash pad in their clothes, (I didn't think to bring them a change of clothes).

The kids were quite happy that we visited both playgrounds. We try to make our outreaches as fun for the kids as we can.

Later that afternoon we went to an apartment complex near the park and back to the park. Our neighbor went with us and was very excited to help pass out fliers.

Sabrina wanted to go to the door by herself and asked me to take her picture. She didn't even want me on the steps, but I didn't think it would be wise to let her go to a door by herself with no grown-up in sight. The kids help pass out fliers when they want to, but we don't force them.

Once again I talked with people at the playgrounds so the kids could play, while Frank and Kenya went to the people farther away.

Frank got a chance to present the Gospel as well as invite many to the service.


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