Thursday, September 18, 2014

Outreach at Foxridge Park

We had an outreach at Foxridge Park. Frank got to talk to several people about Jesus.

I took the kids to the playground. They were having a blast playing together. We were really enjoying ourselves until...

The teens took over. It is an absolute shame that these kids have nothing intelligent to say and think that they are so cool and grown-up based on how foul and profane they can be. They were simply trying to be more profane than their friends. It was the girls, not the guys. They were so foul that they made the military barracks seem tame. Needless to say I took the kids away from that environment.

When Frank finished talking to the man he was witnessing to. He asked why we left the playground. I told him how foul those girls were; so he went and preached to them. They fled! They literally ran away pulling their friends along by the arm. Some of the guys stayed and listened to Frank. The playground was once more a place where little kids could play and several families came up at that point. Even when those girls came back they were much more subdued.


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