Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Neighborhood Friends

The kids have made friends in our neighborhood, which is good. However, these friends want to be at our house all day. They sometimes show up as Chrissy is being dropped off, and if I say the kids can't play now they repeatedly come back or hang around right outside our front door waiting. Sometimes I think it is really Chrissy they come to see and wonder if they'll continue to visit Alex once I'm no longer babysitting. We shall see.

One day I told them that they could come over at 4 to watch a movie. So they watched The Lost Medallion.

We are trying to find a balance with these kids because I want my children to have friends, but I don't want to become a free babysitting service to all our neighbors either. Sometimes we let them in to play, sometimes we send the kids out, and sometimes we say not today. What kind of boundaries would you make in a situation like this?


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Mama Erin said...

Opinionated Aunt here.
Have you met the parents of all these children? Do the parents know their children are INSIDE your home? Do they seem to care?
If not, then for now, it may be best to play outside (in the cooler part of the day - would that only be in the dark?)
I think - for several reasons - that you should make a point of visiting their homes and meeting their parents/guardians.
I think you are doing the right thing by setting boundaries. You also are responsible for guarding your children.
Love you!