Thursday, November 29, 2012

Springs Preserve

Today I took the kids and Keenan to Springs Preserve. I was thrilled to meet another homeschool mom, who actually lives near Frank's work. We exchanged phone numbers and plan to set up a playdate soon. Her kids are the same ages as mine!

First we visited the Nature Exchange where Alex turned in a report on trees and answered questions for more points. The kids also played with the toys.

Then we went to the playground, where we met the other homeschoolers. The kids played for quite a while in the sand pit.

Keenan especially loved the train. He kept trying to get me to push it.

The boys had fun climbing. (Sabrina was much too busy playing in the sand.)

Eventually we wandered inside and to the other sand pit. Keenan threw a shovel full of sand right in Alex's face! I spent almost a minute dusting sand out of his eyebrows. Ouch! Then Alex tripped and skinned up his hands and knees. Poor guy!


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