Thursday, March 17, 2011

Princess Tot School age 28 months

The Princess theme took two weeks and dress up is mandatory. (Sorry I'm late in posting this.)

Sabrina and Alex played with the Imaginext castle with a few Precious Places princesses thrown in.

Princess Sabrina played with her royal puzzle.

Her Melissa and Doug magnetic Princess was a big hit this week.

Matching with her brother's Clever Castle Game was quite entertaining.

We watched several princess movies such as: Barbie’s the Princess and the Pauper, Bob the Builder: Knights of Fix-a-lot, Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After, and Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty.

Sabrina had a blast figuring out how to use the cannon from the Imaginext castle, because a princess needs to know how to defend the castle.

I made "mattresses" out of extra material for the Princess and the Pea story. Both kids thought it was way more fun to knock them down. Sabrina would stack them then whisper, "sleeping" as she laid the princess down then send the mattresses and princess flying.

Even a princess needs exercise.

We celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday with crafts and games at the library.

Every princess needs a royal carriage. This one was at Chuck E. Cheese.

Sabrina loves the drums at church. She's got pretty good rhythm.

Here's the princess visitng another castle, (McDonald's Playplace).

Of course no Princess theme is complete without princess books: Disney Princesses, Barbie Princess, Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Fairy Tales, Over at the Castle...

We made a scepter,(looks like a wand), by gluing two cardstock stars and ribbon unto a straw.

We also made a castle from toilet paper rolls. The one on the right is Sabrina's.

This was a lot of fun especially since Sabrina is into princesses. There's so much more we could have done... maybe later we will.


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