Friday, March 18, 2011

Gilcrease with Lulu and Jr.

We went to Gilcrease earlier this week with Lulu and Jr. The kids had so much fun. Gilcrease is cheaper than the local zoo and in my opinion better because we actually can touch and pet many of the animals.

Normally my kids run right into the goat pen, but Jr. was a little scared so Alex acted scared. He quickly got over it.

Sabrina has no fear I think she would have climbed into the pen with this guy if I'd let her.

Alex tried feeding a llama by himself and almost got bit because of the way he was holding the food; yikes. Anyway, that's why I'm holding his hand.

Sabrina loved the llamas.

This was one mad bird. After laughing and hissing back I realized her eggs we in the mud right by the fence.


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