Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Louisiana part 4- Misc

We found a snake skin, a very long snake skin in my Mom's yard.

We went to a revival service at a local church. We got to hear Ben Waiters sing! He is amazing. We bought one of his CDs.

We visited my Dad, Jimmy and sister Courtney. He gave me some clay marbles that my grandmother's brother made, I didn't even know she had a brother.

I shared a sad bit of history with the kids. I took them to see a "colored man's" grave that is actually outside of the cemetery's fence! The story goes that he was an old man when my grandpa was a boy and was the only African American living in the area; he was well thought of  and even protected the white women and children during the Colfax riots. Yet, he was still buried outside of the fence!

We met my brother, Adam's girlfriend, Julie.

And finally we had to say goodbye and start the long drive to New Orleans to catch our flight home. It was a wonderful trip.


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