Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bible Kids Club

A while back, I read several books to Sabrina about a girl who started a club. That inspired her to want to make her own club. I put her off for a while, but finally decided to go ahead and start her Bible Kids Club. It was all her idea.

She wanted to start the Bible Kids Club, (she even named it) to help teach kids about the Bible. The BKC meets once a month and includes the preacher's  kids from several local churches that, like us, are too small for a regular Sunday School program. We also invited some of the kids' friends who attend other churches or live in our neighborhood.

The Bible Kids Club is basically a Sunday School Class or one day VBS. We met at our house for the first couple of months, but now that we have our own church building we meet there instead. The kids really enjoy it.

At the start of each meeting we tell the kids how it was Sabrina's idea and that kids can do things that make a difference too.


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