Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tournament of Kings

After living in Las Vegas for all this time we finally went to see a Vegas show, (the only one we are interested in seeing). Years ago, Frank and I went to Medieval Times and loved it. We wanted to take the kids to see it, but we never did. We had plans of going out of town for my b-day that fell through, so we went to the Vegas version of Medieval Times- The Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings is a very fun good show. The story is about King Arthur so of course it had Merlin in it, as well as lady dancers, (this is Vegas so even family shows have a PG version of that)... yet we really enjoyed it.  Alex was thrilled by the sword fights. Sabrina was amazed by the horses. Frank and I enjoyed the whole story. Great time. And we got to eat with our hands!



I would love to show you pics of the show, but we weren't allowed to use cameras during the show. However, after the show we did get to take pics with some of the actors.

We had a great time and I am glad we went.


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