Monday, July 14, 2014

Arizona Toad

As Mom and I were leaving Target we saw a group of people taking pictures of something flopping around in the parking lot. As they walked away curiosity got the better of me. I drove to where they were expecting to see a bat or huge moth. It was a toad hopping around in the middle of the parking lot. I couldn't just leave it there to get run over so I caught it in a plastic bag and took it home.

At home, Frank and I discussed what to do with it, the kids observed it, then I looked it up and discovered it was an Arizona Toad, which is a protected species. I also learned a few facts about them. Frank and I took it back to Target, but behind the store, where there is less traffic and yet sand to burrow in and water. It is close enough to where we originally found it that it should be able to find it's home.


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