Monday, October 29, 2012

The best garage sale-EVER!

Saturday morning I stopped at several garage sales. The last one had a box of train tracks for $5 and two sets of Dora the Explorer beginner readers for $5. I didn't have enough to get both. I know Sabrina wants a train set, but she also loves Dora and will be learning to read within the next year or so. I got the 24 Dora books. Somebody else got the train set. Sabrina lost it. She was extremely mad at me for a long time even after I promised her we'd get her a train set, just not that one.

After visiting with Tamie I stopped at the garage sale again hoping they still had some of the Dora books. They remembered us, (the lady said she felt so sorry for Sabrina earlier) and sold me 23 Dora books, 2 ballet outfits (for Gymnastics class), a dress up skirt, a Dora movie, and 5 McDonald's toy Bionicles for $8.

All of the items in the picture cost $15! (Alex spent $2.) I am so thankful for God blessing us this way! I have been wanting to get the Dora books for some time and I was going to spend $20 to get Sabrina another outfit for gymnastics. Alex is quite happy that they had the bionicle toys (they also brought back memories for Frank because Alex used to have them and those two played with them quite often).


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