Monday, January 9, 2012

Springs Preserve

We saved some of the kids' birthday money for a membership at Springs Preserve. This is one of our favorite museums. It is very hands on.

The kids brought in some nature items to exchange. Alex got some wheat that someone laminated and Sabrina chose shells. After exchanging their nature items the kids spent a while playing with legos. They also each got to decorate a lunch bag.

After I dragged them away from the legos we spent most of the afternoon at the play ground. We had never been to the playground before. The kids absolutely loved it. It is a very nice playground with a climbing area that looks like a mammoth skeleton, lots of sand pits, a train, and climbing walls that look like rocks.

After lunch I dragged them away from the playground. We went inside, but didn't stay. We soon found ourselves back outside, but this time we went to the building area and another sand pit. We spent the rest of our time there.

The kids had a lot of fun and Alex wanted to know if we could go back the next day. Nope, but soon.


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