Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Drummer Boy Play

This morning while at WalMart the song “Little Drummer Boy” was playing. Alex, as serious as can be, exclaimed,”Even WalMart must have heard about our Christmas play!”

(Alex is in green.)

Tonight was the play. It is based on Veggie Tales' version of the Drummer Boy, (which is a very cute movie). Alex was a bouncing pea and a chariot driver. Frank was a comedian gourd. Sabrina was supposed to be a star, but she refused to be in the play.

It was really cute. They all, (except Sabrina) did a wonderful job. At the end of the play Pastor did an altar call and several people prayed for salvation- that's the whole reason why the Potter's House does this kind of thing.

(Alex is the taller pea, of course.)


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