Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sabrina's 3!

My baby is now a three year old! When she woke up her gifts were on the table. Sabrina exclaimed, “Birthday, right there!” Although she was still sick she was super excited.

Her favorite gift is the Leap Frog Count and Scan Shopper. I cannot tell you how many times I went “shopping” in the last 24 hours! She also got a toy cash registrar, a bear family puzzle, the Red Rover Game, dress-up clothes, a Polly Pocket size Barbie, some small dolls, a princess purse, funny books, and Kumon First Steps Workbooks. With some of the money both kids are getting we are buying memberships to Springs Preserve and the Lied Children's Museum. Several cards are still on the way.
{We had planned on taking her to Chuck E Cheese, but every time she got excited she'd start coughing. We'll try to take her this week.}

I told her that Papa was getting her a surprise, I meant a cake. Frank also surprised me with some roses. Sabrina was thrilled that she got “birthday roses.” It was really sweet.

Tres Leches,(three milks) cake is YUMMY!

We had an appreciation dinner for new people at church. We debated on whether or not she was up to going. We finally decided it would be okay to take her. She slept on the couch in the nursery almost the entire time. She woke up in time to eat and have every one sing Happy b-day to her.

Sigh, my baby's a three year old. I asked Sabrina if she was my friend and she replied, “Mommy, you a best friend.” It doesn't get much better than that.



Rendla said...

Both kids also got gift cards to Dollar Tree and McDonalds.

Rendla said...

Sabrina also got a new Ariel baby doll and a game.