Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday was a fun, busy day.

I took the kids to story time at the library. Sabrina got a rubber duckie and a new board book for completing the Toddler Summer Reading Program. Alex got two free books for his participation in the Summer Reading Program. The librarian cheered for both of them- it made them beam.

We had lunch and play time at McDonalds. Alex was thrilled that there were several kids his age to play with.

Next we went shopping at WalMart. The kids lost the privilege of going to toys- Sabrina wouldn't quit shouting and Alex wasn't listening. They were instant angels after I told them we weren't going to toys so they still got to go to the family fun center.

We stopped at Barnes and Nobles for Alex to get his free book for participating in their Summer Reading Program. Sabrina fell asleep in the car so I put her in the stroller. I read a couple of books to Alex and then he read some super-hero books on his own.

After this busy fun day Alex fell asleep in church.


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